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Our Products

Flytrex Sky
The Flytrex Sky: the world's first cloud connected drone. Powered by the most advanced technology yet super simple to use. Fly for fun, deliver goods with dedicated app and collaborative piloting, powerful platform for hobbyist and more! You can control it via the Flytrex apps, or by a traditional remote control or even by writing your own app and connecting to the drone through our cloud infrastructure. Flytrex has put only the best and most trusted hardware into the Sky - ranging from custom Gens Ace batteries (GrePow) and a state of the art DJI tuned propulsion system, to a uBlox 8 GPS/Glonass receiver.

How to Get Started:

The Flytrex Sky

Flytrex Sky FAQ

Can I fly Flytrex Sky with a standard remote control and receiver? Yes. By default, the Flytrex Sky is able to utilize its one-of-a-kind 3G based control using a mobile device (Android or iOS). In addition, the Sky supports all standard remote control systems such as Futaba, Multiplex, Spectrum etc. The Sky is powered by an open source APM:Copter flight controller which allows the user to install any receiver/transmitter system as with any other multirotor.

For more Flytrex Sky FAQ, check out our FAQ section on our designated Flytrex Sky page.

Flytrex Live
The Flytrex Live, coming in a variety of versions, is the world's leading live black box for drones and quadcopters, and offers support for a wide variety of flight controllers.

How to Get Started:
FAQ, Mobile Networks, Flytrex Live, SIM Card Installation

Installation Guides for the Flytrex Live 3G

Installation Guides for the Flytrex Live 3G Plus

The Flytrex Live 3G

Flytrex Live FAQ

Will my Flytrex Live work in more than one country? Yes and no, as there are indeed two versions of the Live 3G optimized for the local GSM frequency standards. The American version of the Flytrex Live 3G works with bands 850/1900 MHz while the European version of the Flytrex Live 3G works with bands 900/2100 UMTS. Since most users fly within one country (for the most part) we decided to produce two versions rather than make the Live 3G worldwide as the quad-band option for the device is indeed possible, but the hardware needed is significantly heavier, which would have caused a problem for this product specifically.

For more Flytrex Live FAQ, check out our FAQ section on our designated Flytrex Live page.

Flytrex Core
The Flytrex Coreis the world's first multi-rotor black-box that records your flight parameters with each of your flights. Combined with the complimentary Flytrex service on our site:, pilots can log and manage each of their flight details, analyze their piloting skills and improvement over time, track personal records, earn badges for different achievements, find other nearby pilots, manage multi-rotor fleet and much more. Flytrex is designed for newbie and proficient multi-rotor enthusiasts flying LOS and FPV.

The Flytrex Core

Flytrex Core FAQ

Is it possible to use my Flytrex data with other apps such as Google Earth?

Yes. Flytrex offers exporting options to Google Earth KML format and to CSV format for use with different applications such as Excel, Dashware and others. To export your Flytrex mission visit your Flytrex Profile page and find the mission you wish to export.

For more Flytrex Core FAQ, check out our FAQ section on our designated Flytrex Core page.