Flytrex Sky LED Sequences

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The Flytrex Sky comes with five (5) LED lights in total: three (3) on the top of the aircraft, and two (2) on the bottom / sides of the aircraft. Please note, that all LED lights you will be seeing will be steady (not flashing.) The LED lights on the sides of the drone indicate whether or not the drone is armed. Usually when the props are working, the LED will be considered “on” and when they are not active, it will be considered “off”. The LED sequences you are looking for are:

  • BLUE: Armed
  • NO-LED (OFF): Not Armed

When the drone boots up, all LED lights will register as blue and green, as the drone connects.


The LED light in the middle of the drone indicates whether or not the drone is online. The LED sequences you are looking for are:

  • GREEN: Online
  • RED: Not-connected to the cloud

Before your drone has connected to the network, you will see a red steady LED in the middle of the drone.


After the drone startup is complete, the autopilot will be initiated (after about 10-15 seconds) and it will go into the initial stages of being unarmed (no-LED) and flying (green LED). Within 30-50 seconds, you should expect to see a green LED light, when your drone connects online. This of course may vary depending on network connection, GPS reception and location – in addition other factors. When you initially connect your drone with a new SIM card, this process may take longer in order to allow the SIM to be registered.