Drone Calibration Process

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! Important - Please perform calibration in every new flight location. The accelerometer and compass are sensitive to electromagnetic interferences. Poor flight performance or complete failure may result from an old calibration.

For Best Calibration Results:

• Avoid calibrating your Sky near magnetic interferences, for instance steel structures, or adjacent to high power transformers and motors etc.

• During compass calibration, hold the drone in your hand without any other items that may interfere with the process, such as your cellular phone, keys or jewelry.

• When possible, avoid calibrating indoors.

This calibration process uses the Flytrex Sky App in order to calibrate your drone.

Step 1: Once connected to the drone with your app, click the compass button on your app screen and hold for 2 seconds.

Cali 00.png

Step 2: Click the button of the calibration you wish to perform.

Cali 1.png

Step 3: Hold the drone in each of the six different angles indicated.

Cali 3.png

Your Flytrex Sky calibration takes approximately 60 seconds. During this time you should rotate the drone following the steps and directions outlined in the illustration below, rotating it twice in each of the directions shown below. After completing rotating the drone in the 6 different directions below you can start over again from the first step until the app display updates indicating that the calibration finished successfully.


Sky Maintenance Report

The Flytrex Sky maintenance report can be accessed from your user account settings on your Flytrex profile. Simply click your "Devices" link and select "Manage" on your Sky drone.

Once in the manage section of your Sky drone, you will be able to view the date of your last successful compass and accelerometer calibrations, as well as any general firmware updates that you may need. You will also be able to view where your last successful calibration was done, and whether or you are required to calibrate before your next flight.

The screenshot below shows an example of a typical Flytrex Sky maintenance report.